Is it okay to include registry information with my wedding invitation?

Is it okay to include registry information with my wedding invitation?

So this is a ques­tion I get more often than not.  The sim­ple answer is “no” and here’s why.  Basi­cal­ly, it’s con­sid­ered very poor eti­quette.  Reg­istry infor­ma­tion is per­fect­ly fine to include in a bridal show­er invi­ta­tion because guests are expect­ed to “show­er” the bride and groom with gifts.  There­fore, let­ting them know where to go is use­ful and con­ve­nient infor­ma­tion.

The wed­ding invi­ta­tion is on a much more for­mal lev­el.  Includ­ing your reg­istry infor­ma­tion in your wed­ding invi­ta­tion sug­gest that get­ting a gift is just as impor­tant as invit­ing your guests to cel­e­brate your mar­riage.  It tends to come off both greedy and tacky.

I don’t like to say to no to my brides so I always offer sug­ges­tions on how to accom­mo­date their con­cerns.  In this case, I would sug­gest to include your wed­ding web­site on one of your wed­ding invi­ta­tions inserts. “For fur­ther wed­ding details please vis­it our wed­ding web­site” and then list the wed­ding web­site URL.  All of your reg­istries can then be linked to your wed­ding web­site!  Sim­ple as that.

In the past, when wed­ding web­sites didn’t exist, close fam­i­ly and friends knew where you were reg­is­tered and sim­ply passed the infor­ma­tion along to those that asked.  If some­one asks you as the bride, where you are reg­is­tered, obvi­ous­ly tell them where but then fin­ish it off with, “but I am sure what­ev­er you choose to get will be won­der­ful”.

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